Andrew Scheps

Talks about moving to the UK

Andrew Scheps on moving to the UK - production is still fun

Russell Cottier talks with record producer, recording engineer and mix legend, Andrew Scheps at Monnow Valley Studios in out fourth short video.

Andrew talks about the move from the States to the UK, moving the classic recording equipment and unpacking it all on a cold February morning last year. Russ then asked about the work life balance and if Andrew still does much production and how he makes use of down time.

To watch the full interview with Andrew Scheps please follow this link

Read the whole in-depth interview in Resolution magazine - October 2016 issue!

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Special thanks to Russell Cottier for asking the questions and to everyone at Monnow Valley Studios for making us so welcome and for helping in setting this up - and for giving up their studio time! Many thanks to Andrew Scheps for taking the time too!