Bob Both


Bob Both has over 30 years experience as a recording engineer/producer working with artists such as James Brown. Read his credits here:

November 2007 – Recorded & Mixed FRED WESLEYS “Funk For Your Ass” album at Twain recording for Columbia Music Japan. The album also features renowned funk drummers Clyde Stubblefield and Jabo Starks.

May 1999
Recorded and mixed the audio for the "Accelerate Your Playing Series" produced by Rittor Music for The Berklee Press. The four video series features Berklee College of Music Professors Tomo Fujita (guitar), Dave Limina (keyboards), Larry Finn (drums) and Anthony Vitti (bass). Filmed at Alien Flyers Studio, NYC.

February 1999
Recorded and mixed the audio for the drum instructional video "The Soul Of The Funky Drummers" produced by Ritter Music and released on Warner Brothers. The sessions were filmed at Beartracks Studio in Suffern, NY and featured Clyde Stubblefield , John "Jabo" Starks, Fred Thomas and Fred Wesley all from James Browns band as well as guitarist, John Scofield and keyboardist, John Medeski.

September 1998
Recorded, mixed and co-produced THE JB's Reunion Album– “Bring The Funk On Down”. Produced and arranged by Fred Wesley. The album features former JB's members, Fred Thomas, St. Claire Pinckey, Johnny Griggs, Russell Crimes, Bobby Byrd, Pee Wee Ellis, Clyde Stubblefield, John Starks and others. Recorded at Audio Arts, Atlanta , GA and mixed at Bob Boths' Twain Recording, West Milford, NJ.

May 1973 & August 1974
Supervised the recording and mix down for James Brown's two appearances on NBC's "In Concert". Taped at the Aquarius Theater, Hollywood, California.

August 1974
Directed mixing of James Brown on "Midnight Special", Taped at CBS Center, Burbank. California.

September 1974
Engineered the recording of James Brown for "Festival In Zaire", Recorded live in Kinshasa, Africa. Worked with the Record Plant Remote crew. The tapes were remixed as part of the soundtrack to the video documentary "When They Were Kings" released in 1997.

Bob is listed in Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment from the first edition in 1989 to present for his achievements as a producer and recording engineer. Bob is also listed in Marquis Who's Who In America.

Bob has received three RIAA Gold Record Awards for recordings with James Brown.

bob both, record producer at the mixing console in the recording studio



Partial List Of Recording Credits

James Brown (Polydor/Polygram Records Albums)

James Brown - Get On The Good Foot - Double Album – Single Certified Gold
James Brown - Soul Classics Volume I
James Brown - Black Caesar - Soundtrack Album
James Brown - Slaughters Big Rip-Off - Soundtrack Album
James Brown - The Payback - Double Album - Certified Gold Album & Single
James Brown - Reality
James Brown - Hell - Double Album
James Brown - Sex Machine Today
James Brown - Everybodys Doin The Hustle
James Brown - Hot
James Brown - Body Heat
James Brown - Make It Funky 1971 - 1975 (2 CD Set)
James Brown - Dead On The Heavy Funk 1975 -83 (2 CD Set)
James Brown - James Browns Funky People (Part 3)
James Brown –In The Jungle Groove

Rock & Punk Rock

U.S Chaos - album
Secret Syde - album
Dysfunctional Youth - album
Broken Heros - album
Chronick Sick - album
NY Relix - album
The Skulls - album
Honeywell - album
Curbfeelers - album
The Rodneys - album
Hudson Falcons - album
Mear Mortals - album
Solar Circus - album
Shrapnel - album
Backstreets - album
Youth In Asia - album
Fatal Rage - album
Omega Train - album
Dead Heros - album
The Vengeful Few - album
Lost In Aggression - album
The Flare Ups - album

The J.B.S

J.B.S - Doin It To Death - Single from album Certified Gold
J.B.S - Damn Right I Am Somebody
J.B.S - Breakin Bread
J.B.S - Hustle With Speed
J.B.S - Funky Good Time - The Anthology (2 CD Set)
J.B.S - Bring The Funk On Down - The J.B.s Reunion - 1999 P Vine

Various Artists (People Records)

Lyn Collins - Think About It
Lyn Collins - If You Dont Know Me By Now
Maceo Parker - Us
Charles Sherrell - For Sweet People

Various Artists - Singles (James Brown Productions)

Leon Austin - single
Hank Ballard - single
Johnny Scotton - single
Sly Slick & Wicked - single
The Progressors - single
Viki Anderson - single

T.R. Records - Latin Albums

Tito Rodriquez Jr. - Curious
Angel Canales - El San Juan
La Siete Potencias - Introducing
Cindy Rodriquez - What You Need Is My Love

Albums Various Labels

Robert Kraft & The Ivory Coast - Mood Swing - RSO Records
The Flintstones Pebbles And Bam Bam - Record/Books - Peter Pan
John Vartan - Spotlight On Belly Dancing - Monitor Records
Tito Rodriquez Jr. - Eclipse - Top Ten Records
Jim Kilby - Lighthouse Records
Debbie Koenig - On The Waters - Loving Grace Music
Wayne Monbleau - So Grateful - Loving Grace Music
Lou Monte - Sings For You Again - Ronaray Records
Larry Stevens & The Steel Canyon Band - Our Country
Lisa Prokopowitz - Painter Of The Heavens - Loving Grace Music
Nebulous Thoughts - Through The Ceiling - Loving Grace Music
The Skels - Any Port In A Storm - Three Second Records
The Vote - All Things Considered - VMS/Morphius Records
The Vote - Vote Me Out - Ass-Card Records
The Insomniacs - Get Something Going - Estrus Records
Mosaic Dust - Inside The Opposite
Kingz Ransom - On The Run
Chumpot - Presents “Sounds” - Jazzcore Records
Day Nineteen - 13 Legs - Southside Pride Records
Willy Lopez - The Journey
The Big Surprise - Compositions
The Bristles - Lifestyles Of The Poor & Unknown- Beer City Records
Tom Spingler & Northfield - Nashville In My Heart
The Barley Boys - It’s A Lomg Drive From Ireland - Beaver Mountain Records
Post Junction - Mind Grove Records
Eric Kloss - Celebration - Muse Records
Fred Wesley – Funk For Your Ass – 2008 Columbia Music Japan

Video Productions

Clyde Stubblefield & John Starks - Soul Of The Funky Drummers – 2000 WB Bros.
Tomo Fujita - Accelerate Your Guitar Playing - Rittor Music/Berklee Press
Larry Finn - Accelerate Your Drum Playing - Rittor Music/Berklee Press
Anthony Vitti - Accelerate Your Bass Playing - Rittor Music/Berklee Press
Dave Limina - Accelerate Your Keyboard Playing - Rittor Music/Berklee Press
Casio Inc. - 1992 Music Products Demonstration Video
Casio Inc. - 1993 Keyboard Products Demonstration Video

Commercials - A/V work

Champale Malt Liquor - Commercial
Sylviana - Commercial
Macys - Commercial
Airbrook Limousine - Commercial
Ficarra Furniture City - Commercial
Fieldcrest Towels & Sheets - Commercial
Wiss & Lambert Jewelers - Commercial
General Mills Golden Grahams Cereal - Commercial
Musicland Music Stores - Commercial
Sampling For Toxic Substances - Industrial Presentation - Commercial

Partial List of Studios Bob Both has recorded in

Sound Ideas - NY
A&R Recording - NY
Record Plant - NY
Quad Recording - NY
Beartracks Recording - Suffern - NY
Delta Recording - NY
Criteria Recording - Miami - FLA
Wally Heider Studios - San Francisco - CA
International Studio - Augusta - GA
Studio South - Augusta - GA
Audio Arts Studio - Atlanta - GA
Alien Fylers - NY