Interview Archive page: published 2006

Cowboy Jack Clement

Part three record producer video feature

Jack sadly passed away in August 2013

Part Three

In this video Jack talks about singles being important. Back in the day at Sun Studios he reflects on the fact that 90% of the work was singles and all the effort should be put in to making great singles and getting the song 'out there'. One great quote from this video is that Jack finds it inspiring that a record he cut one day may be played in a thousand years. We're pretty sure that some of his work will be around for that long.

Please note that this video was recorded around 2005.

Jack Clements (Cowboy) home/Studio was destroyed in a fire back in 2011. He and all his animals and special instruments were saved. The TV stations were out covering it and there he was playing his guitar in an "Elvis" (a real one) bath robe in front of the house as it was smoldering! Jack was a unique character that will be greatly missed.

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