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George Shilling

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VIDEO : Drum Recording Masterclass with George Shilling at Modern World Studios

record producer and musician george shilling at his private recording studio

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This feature has been a long time overdue as George Shilling has been helping record many of our producer features for the site since way back in 1999.

George recently built his own music studio which will feature in the video but in a shameless plug for his fab studio 'Bank Cottage' the studio offers a large selection of instruments, Pro Tools HD, a large enough recording space to record a band and excellent acoustics.

george shilling playing guitar in his music studioThere are few projects that can't be recorded or mixed here save an orchestra.

Bank Cottage has a large air conditioned control room with daylight flooding in and there is also a separate acoustically isolated drum room with window.

A lot of attention to good mains power is evident with heavy duty mains wiring and separate earth spike. The control room has tea-making and fridge with easy loading directly from driveway and there is parking for up to five cars. If you want to stay for longer periods there is a great local B&B at only £25 with full English breakfast, lunch & dinner by Radiohead’s studio chef for only £20 per day per person!

A full list of George's credits follow at the foot of the page but some notable productions that George has been involved with include Blur, Texas, Mike Oldfield, Eternal, Boy George, James Brown, Mark Almond and strangely, Jean-Paul Gautier! That's a pretty diverse spread.

George Shilling started his career in studios at the legendary Livingston Studios in London learning a lot from World renowned producer and engineer Jerry Boys and many other leading producers.

In addition to being a producer, George writes for magazines such as Resolution, has his own band, runs a studio and records many of our features.

Visit George's web page for more information.

Browse our picture archives of George Shilling here in our gallery.

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bank cottage studios - george shilling's recording studio Recording equipment and musical instruments available at Bank Cottage


Recording Hardware:
Pro Tools HD2 Accel + Process
192, 888/24, Swissonic, Apogee AD/DA interfaces
Mac G4 1.25dp (in separate machine room)
Mackie Control HUI Control Surface
Mackie Baby HUI Control Surface
Universal Audio UAD-1 fully loaded
Spirit 32:8 console
TLA M1 TubeTracker 12:2
Fully balanced patch and tie-lines

Software Includes:
Pro Tools HD 7.3
Logic Pro 7.2
Reason 3
Celemony Melodyne
Ableton Live 5

Mics include:
Neumann U87Ai
AKG C414-XLS x 2
Rode NT-1A x 2
Crown PZM30 x 2 ex Whitfield St
Crown PZM6 ex Ridge Farm
sE Z5600 II Valve Condenser x 2
Shure SM57 x 4
Shure SM58
Shure KSM44
Sennheiser MD421 x 2 ex Utopia
Octava ML-50 ribbon
t-bone RB-500 ribbon x 2
Beyer M88TG ex Ridge Farm
Enhanced Audio M600 mic mount

Mackie HR824
Yamaha NS-10M
Auratone Cube

Gyraf Gyratech X valve
Empirical Labs Fatso
dbx 162SL
dbx 160X
A&D F760RS-X

Mic Pres/Recording Channels:
Phoenix DRS-2 (Neve)
Gyraf Gyratech II valve/passive
Amek Rupert Neve Pure Path CIB
TLA Fatman Fat Funker
TLA Fatman 2Fat

Yamaha SPX90II
Lexicon PCM80
Line 6 Echo Pro
Delta Lab Effectron II
Alesis Midiverb II
Orban Parasound Dual Spring
Klark Teknik DN34
Roland Vocoder SVC350

Huge collection including…
SoundToys TDM bundle
Eventide Anthology 2
Waves API Collection
Pitch ‘n’ Time
EMI TG12413 Limiter
Echo Farm
McDSP entire range
Altiverb 5
Antares Autotune 4
Focusrite d2/d3
Fairchild 660/670
Bomb Factory BF-3A
Pultec EQs
URS API/Neve Graphic EQ
Sony Oxford EQ, Inflator, Transmod, Dynamics
Stylus RMX
Universal Audio UAD-1 entire collection

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Squier Stratocaster (newly set up)
Squier Jazz Bass
Yamaha G1 grand piano
Rhodes 88 Suitcase piano
WurliTzer EP200
Hohner Clavinet
Korg MicroKorg
Roland JX-8P
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha CS-1x
Casio CZ3000
Roland XV3080
Oberheim Matrix 1000
EMU Proteus 1 & 2
Novation Bass Station Rack
Novation Drum Station
William de Blaise dual manual harpsichord
Percussion box with 6 tambourines, bongos, shakers etc.
Vox AC30 (1966)
Leslie 145 with custom preamp pedal (ex Georgie Fame and Fairport Convention, weighted horns)

Guitar Pedal Effects:
Electro Harmonix: Big Muff
EH Bass Balls
EH Micro Synth
EH Bad Stone
EH Electric Mistress
EH Memory Man
Micro Vibe
Boss Delay/Sampler
Boss Percussion Synth
Boss Hand Clapper
Colorsound Dipthonizer
Colorsound Wah-Fuzz

Virtual Instruments
Reason Drumkits 2.0
Reason Strings
Reason Pianos
Reason Abbey Road Collection
Reason Reggaeton
Stylus RMX
Digidesign Hybrid
Digidesign Structure
Digidesign Xpand!
Digidesign Velvet

George Shilling's production credits

Projects Engineered/Mixed

Artist - Title - Project - Producer

22-20s 22-20s Album Brendan Lynch
Longwave tba Album recording John Leckie
Paul van Dyk feat. Vega4 Time Of Our Lives Single recording Paul van Dyk
Steve Winwood About Time Album recording Steve Winwood
Opera Babes four titles Sony Album rec/mix Frank Gallagher
Exile Inside Exile Inside Album - mixing Jake Shillingford/Aaron Cahill
Heather Nova I'm No Angel Single Felix Tod and Bernard Butler
New Radicals Mother Remix Hot Snax
Anja Garbarek The Diver; The Gown Recording Mark Hollis
The Corrs Lifting Me Pepsi Ad/Single K-Klass
Billie Myers You Send Me Flying Rec/Mix Pete Vale/Dean Gillard
Trashmonk Mona Lisa Overdrive Creation Album - mix Nick Laird-Clowes
Bernard Butler Stay (UK No.12); Not Alone Singles rec/mix Bernard Butler
Bernard Butler People Move On Album UK No.11 rec/mix Bernard Butler
Bernard Butler Friends and Lovers Album UK No.43 rec Bernard Butler
Primal Scream Kowalski Single UK No.8 mix Brendan Lynch
Primal Scream Vanishing Point Album UK No.2 mix Brendan Lynch
Mary J.Blige Love Is All We Need Remix Jam & Lewis/Instant Flava
Teenage Fanclub Ain’t That Enough Single UK No.18 rec/mix TFC
Teenage Fanclub Songs From Northern Britain Album UK No.3 rec/mix TFC
Blur Entertain Me Single Remix Live It!
Texas Mothers Heaven (+3 others) Rec + Mix Tim Palmer
Andy Yorke Album Album Nigel Powell
Mike Oldfield Women Of Ireland Remix Oldfield/Jackman
The Fall Telephone Thing Single rec/mix Coldcut
My Bloody Valentine Loveless Album rec Kevin Shields
Eternal Power of a Woman R&B Remix Dennis & Ronnie
Boy George Same Thing In Reverse 12" Mix Evolution
Marc Almond Brilliant Creatures Single/Album Mix Martyn Ware
Stereo MCs/Blue Pearl Chemical Thing Remix Rob & Owen
Yazz The Only Way Is Up Single UK No.1 rec Coldcut
Yazz Wanted Album UK No.1 mix FON/Youth/Coldcut
De La Soul The Magic Number Single Mixes Chad Jackson
James Brown The Payback Mix Single UK No.12 Black/More

Projects Produced and Engineered

Artist - Title - Project

Lucky Soul The Great Unwanted Album and Singles
Superior N/A Album
Streem Coming Down Single
Streem Floodmark Album
My Life Story Strumpet; 12 Reasons Singles
My Life Story The Golden Mile Album
The Wannadies You And Me Song (Lounge Version) Single
The Wannadies I Like You A Lot etc. Rec & Mix
Sleeper She’s A Sweetheart; Spies Mixes
Soup Dragons I’m Free Single UK No.5
Soup Dragons The Lovegod Album
Five Thirty Bed Album
Airhead Boing!!! Album
Pop Will Eat Itself Get The Girl And Kill The Baddies! Single UK No.9
Shine Modern Pop Music Album
Bobby Valentino The Man Who Invented Jazz Album
Jean-Paul Gaultier How To Do That Remix
60Ft Dolls Let The Spirit Move Ya Remix