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Greg Haver

2005 interview with George Shilling

Greg Haver has gained praise for his warm productions and lush arrangements. Watch our exclusive video interview to find out more about why Melenie C and the Manic Street Preachers have been working with him on their recent albums.

Watch video with Greg shot at Modern World Studios in Nov 2007 here.

Greg is a talented producer with a background in engineering, drumming and programming who initially built up a reputation within the Welsh music community for his diverse production skills and innovative arrangements with artists such as Super Furry Animals, Catatonia, Lost Prophets and Bullet For My Valentine.

Special thanks to Scott Mathews for the kind use of his music and to James Towler and Stevie Winwood for the kind use of their studio as a location and to George Shilling for asking the questions. Many thanks to Greg for giving his time and to Zen at Resolution Magazine for helping tie things up.

Record producer Greg Haver talks with George Shilling about life in the recording studio

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