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Part 2 of the conversation with Russ Russell

Part Two of our special feature with top Metal producers Jaime Gomez and Russ Russell recorded at Parlour Sound Studios in Northamptonshire, UK. This is the second video covering long studio hours and staying fresh.

This is the second of our 'in the studio' conversations with two top British Metal Producers, Russ Russell and Jaime Gomez.

In this episode Russ and Gomez discuss how long hours can affect performance and trying to keep things fresh. If you've worked for some time in a studio you will relate to this but to many aspiring studio people who think it's an easy life would be best to take some time to watch!

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metal producers jaime gomez and russ russell

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In this video Russ Russell starts the conversation with Jaime Gomez talking about the highs and lows of recording. "It can get to points where you are exhausted and just don't want to go to work and need to get away from it but once the record is done and you listen back.

One of the problems with recording and working long hors are the lack of sleep. Jaime and Russ talk about how silly hours in the studio aren't productive and make things go backwards. Needing sleep and down time for the ears are important. Also covered are honest conversations about the politics involved in recording with bands, how to deal with musicians that can't cut it in the studio, bands not rehearsing before a session, going for live performance and not chasing absolute perfection but chasing vibe

Special thanks to Parlour Sound Studios for giving us access and to both Jaime and Russ for sparing their time!

Jamie Gomez Arellano in the control room of his Orgone Studios

Jamie Gomez Arellano in the control room of his Orgone Studios, London, UK

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