James Loughrey

Record producer feature at Britannia Row

James Loughrey began his engineering career at Bop Recording Studios, South Africa's premier studio, before emigrating to England. Having freelanced at Metropolis and Eden, James joined Britannia Row building himself a reputation as a great live recording engineer and mixer. James is now freelance working as an engineer and producer and has been very busy working on a wide range of projects.

James' role has changed over the last few years having made the move into the role as producer initially after forming great relationships with artists that he engineered for and he's familiar with both Neve & SSL consoles (inc J/K Series), Logic Audio and Pro Tools and he now owns the latest Protools rig.

Special thanks to George Shilling for running the interview and to Brit Row Studios for letting us film! The video does require a fast connection to be viewed in HD full screen.

James Loughrey, record producer at brit row recording studios uk

Some recent credits include

Artist, Label, Producer, Project Credit

Ashley Roble RCA US Collective Debut album tracks Eng & mix
Sophie Ellis Bextor Polydor Matt Rowe/ "Murder on the Dancefloor" Mixed Greg Alexander
Sugababes London Matt Rowe "Just Let It Go" Mixed
Depeche Mode Pro Tools work
Hope of the States engineering
Liberty X engineering
Razorlight engineering live DVD
Def Leppard Mixing 5.1
"Same Old Story" Mixed
"Real Thing" Mixed
Sugababes London Ron Tom "Soul Sound" Remix
James Mercury
Brian Eno 4 tracks on new album "Pleased to Meet You" inc 1st single "Getting Away With It" 
Moneypenny Edel Collective "Twisted" Eng & mix
Ladies First Polydor Matt Rowe "Ladies First" Mixed
Victoria Beckham Virgin Harvey Mason Jnr Solo album project Eng
Tom McCrae DB Records Tom McCrae Album track Eng & mix
Samantha Mumba Polydor Matt Rowe "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Mixed
Lionel Ritchie Mercury Collective "I Forgot" Eng & Mix
Thunderbugs Epic Greg Alexander "Better Like This" Eng & Mix
Page & Plant London/Sire Page & Plant "My Bucket's Got a Hole In It" Eng & Mix
Denisse Lara Atlantic Matt Rowe "The One" Pokemon II soundtrack Mixed
Addis Black Widow Instant Karma Pigeon Single Mix
Jemelia Parlophone Jonuz Bryant Single Eng
Breakbeat Era XL Roni Size "Bulletproof" Mixed
Honeyz Mercury Steve Robson "Trip" Mix
Longpigs Mother Stephen Street Album Prog

...and lot's more.