Kevan Gallagher

Producer feature at The Dairy Studios

Click here for the new updated video shot in 2021

Archive video shot at The Dairy Studios with George Shilling in 2009

We met up with Kevan Gallagher at the Dairy Studios, London, and George Shilling recorded a video interview covering Kevan's career to date. For technical reasons the video is pretty compact but we have included the full 1 hour audio for you to listen to if you want everything!



New video: Kevan at Church Studios in producer round table


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Kevan Gallagher began his engineering career in Scotland in 1995 after studying music and recording in both Manchester and Glasgow. He then moved to London in 1997 and began working at many studios including Battery, Westside, Jacobs and Marcus before moving to Mark Angelo Studios where he worked as chief engineer for 5 years before becoming freelance.

kevan gallagher - record producer - behind the neve mixing desk at the dairy recording studio london

Kevan is a sought after recording and mix engineer and has recently worked on the forthcoming debut album “Still Waters” for Blue Note artist Louise Setara. Kevan has also just completed two songs with Ronan Keating which were produced by Calum MacColl and is about to commence mixing of the debut album by Swiss artist Onaje with producer Ken Rose.

Special thanks to George Shilling for his interview and to all at the Dairy Studios for their help in making this feature possible.