Feature Archive page: published 2006

Lou Lombardi

Session guitar player feature

Get the perfect guitar parts and tones that your recording project demands on line.

Lou Lombardi can create excellent guitar tracks within the boundaries of any budget. Even if you're low on cash contact Lou at YourGuitarist.com to find out how you can have a serious session player create the perfect guitar parts for your project.

Musician Lou Lombardi - records guitar parts for your music tracks and songs

Getting a guitar part for your song is very easy. Send Lou your sketch, and he will record tracks specifically tailored to your needs. You receive a free Preview MP3 before paying anything and you can ask for changes as required. Lou say's "It's your music and it's important to me that you are satisfied." Once you're happy with the guitar parts you can pay the agreed fee and you can either download the high quality version or have it sent on CD.

To explain how the system works we are very pleased to feature a video that demonstrates how Lou works and you can get a much better idea of what he can do for you.

Lou Lombardi started performing on stage at the age of 10, playing drums with his father's gospel quartet. After years of piano and drum lessons he found his true calling, playing the guitar. Within a year of picking up his first six string, he started playing live shows with garage bands, gospel quartets and acoustic duos.

Desiring to hone his chops beyond basic rock and pop music he sought out the teaching talents of Pittsburgh guitar greats Tony Janflone Sr. and Eric Sousoff. Later, while majoring in English Literature in college, he studied classical guitar with Pittsburgh Symphony guitarist and cellist Irving Kauffman, at the same time working numerous big band and jazz combo sessions and shows.

In recent years Lou has worked with several well received bands including Wanton Records recording artists "Love in Ruins", with which he composed, arranged, and produced 3 CD's. He also has production, songwriting, and guitar credits to his name with quite a few other groups and artists such as, Billy Sunday, Pete Hewlett, Supermonkey, Julie Parker, Petey Gets Around, & Blue Food.

Lou Lombardi - records guitar parts for your music tracks and songs

His latest studio endeavors consist of creating the sounds for "The Hug", a robot being developed by the Interaction Design Team at Carnegie Mellon University, and composing and recording the musical score for the short film "The Heidelberg Project". He is currently the owner of YourGuitarist.com, and the touring guitarist for The Shelley Duff Band.

Visit Lou's YourGuitarist.com website to find out more! Many thanks to Lou for his work in making this video.