Making of a soundtrack with Dominik Johnson

Video Missing - hopefully it will be back online soon

We recently followed Dominik Johnson to 80Hertz Studios and then AIR Studios whilst he was working on a new Arabic soundtrack for a London publishing company.

Dom is a freestyle recording artist, composer and producer specialising in world/ethnic music for Film & TV soundtracks working out of Manchester and was first featured on Record Production in early 2011.

dominik johnson at air with jake jackson

This production video is great insight into the recording and mixing sessions, logistics and workings that occur within a modern soundtrack project. The recording at 80Hz Studios was followed by a mixing session at Air Studios with Jake Jackson at the controls. We weren't able to do all of the filming but Dominik has managed to take our footage and cut it together with on session footage with Christos Andreou and the string recording sessions. Special thanks to everyone who made this feature possible and to the guys for editing this for us!

All music owned and published by Altitude Music. Copyright 2012
All music written, composed and produced by Dominik Johnson & Christos Andreou.