Mark 'Spike' Stent

music producer and miking engineer spike stent

Video feature coming one day...

Spike Stent is well known for his excellent work with the likes of Madonna, Maroon 5, Spice Girls etc etc. He is one of the fastest mixers out there and not only is he super talented, he's a great guy too!

Spike is best knowing in the business for his love of SSL 4K's. He is pictured here with his rack of E Series channel strips. Mark started his career at Jacobs Studios before moving to Trident Studios. He has a studio at Olympic Studios and now is in huge demand all over the World, for good reason.

Spike has enough of people trying to interview him, he's pretty busy, so getting him featured will take some time but one day he will find the time to do a RecordProduction.com feature, possibly! Anyway, Spike uses this site a bit so when you read this Spike why not email us to set up a date?

Check Spike's discog here.