Metal producers round table discussion with engineers & producers

Some of the UK's top Metal recording engineers met to discuss production

We managed to get a bunch of great metal engineer and producers to meet up and talk about a wide range of issues facing modern metal production. Niall Thomas who has just done his Phd in Metal Production co-hosted the round table with Russ Cottier at Woodworm Studios. The people featured include Russ Russell, Mike Exeter, Oz Craggs, Clint Murphy, Stuart Jones and Russ Cottier.

This conversation runs for an epic 90 minutes so you may need to get a drink ready, put up your feet and enjoy! We hope that the issues discussed are relevant to you and give some useful insight.

We are very grateful to everyone that gave up their time to travel to the studio and to Woodworm Studios for giving us the studio to use for this feature.