Music producers round table discussion at The Church Studios

Seven leading record producers, mix engineers, A&R and artists spent an hour talking about how the recording industry has evolved recently, changing workflows, does equipment matter now, the role or need of studios, quality of MP3's and much more. All of this took place at the legendary Church Studios in London with George Shilling hosting the proceedings.

Record producers nick woolfson, jay stapley and cameon craig at the church studios

Kevan Gallagher got in touch several months ago suggesting that we should start a series of producer discussion videos. We run a private producers group on Facebook for the people featured on the site so opinions can be aired knowing that the people talking really are serious. In that group many hot topics come up for discussion and this video is a small example of the things talked about and are important to producers. We hope to run more of these features so if you'd like to be involved 'like' us on Facebook and leave us a message!

Kevan helped get six other producers, mix engineers etc together and helped arrange the Church Studios as a location. George Shilling hosted the conversation, he was joined by Kevan Gallagher, Chris Sheldon, Jay Stapley, Nick Woolfson, Cameron Craig and Phil English.

music producers nick woolfson, jay stapley, george shilling and chris sheldon at the church studios

Special thanks to everyone at the Church Studios for letting us hold the meeting there and for the lovely tea and luxury biscuits!