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Rockfield Studios Echo Chambers

Video tour with Clint Murphy

Clint Murphy's unique series here on today takes a trip to the legendary Rockfield Studio's three Echo Chambers. This is a very rare chance to see these echo chambers and to hear the unique reverb that you can get.

Clint was at Rockfield working with Greg Haver on a project and took time out to get the camera rolling takeing us on a tour around the 3 different echo chambers to show how they're set up, the design, the microphones and speakers used and more importantly, how they sound. At the end of the video Clint feeds some of Greg Haver's drums in to Chamber Three and you can compare the before and after - This really shows how unique the sound of a chamber is.

Rockfield Studios in Wales, UK, is the oldest (that we know about) residential recording studio in the world. Many, many classic records have been recorded here, Bohemian Rhapsody etc etc, and this short video demonstrates why it's so special and still attracts bands from around the world. Special thanks to Kingsley and Lisa for their help and to Greg Haver for his excellent drumming.

Clint Murphy is a highly regarded recording and mixing engineer and started his career at York Street Studios in New Zealand, he is now based in the UK.

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Echo Chamber tour at Rockfield Studios with Clint Murphy

Special thanks to Clint for recording this feature and to everyone at Rockfield Studios!

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