Studio Tour

Session Walkthrough at StudiOwz

Featuring audio samples

Owain Fleetwood Jenkins walks us around his session setup for Dan Moore

Alongside our studio tour we have recorded this session walkthrough of StudiOwz showing owner and engineer Owain Fleetwood Jenkins - he shows us his microphone choices, instrument placement and more while recording brilliant session musician Dan Moore.

This video hopefully gives some insight in to how the studio sounds and shows the in-house instruments available to use if you book the studio - Dan Moore shows off the keyboard selection very well in 2 short tracks to showcase the studio.

Recording keyboard instruments with Dan Moore at StudiOwz

One of the things that we were keen to show is the range of instruments available at the studio for musicians to use. The drum collection is vast and we will be running another feature on that aspect shortly but the keyboards and guitar collection is excellent:


Recording keyboard instruments with Dan Moore at StudiOwz

Fender Twin – Silver Face (1972)
Cornell Vintage Brown
Orange Matamp ORST Head (1970)
Marshall Super Bass (1972)
Marshall 6101LM
Laney Supergroup (1968)
Laney LA30
Vox V125 Lead (1981)
Wem ER-15 (1960’s)
Wem Dominator 15″
Watkins Westminster
Audio Kitchen – Big Trees
Laney Digbeth DB500H & 2×12
Aguilar DB751 Valve Head
Ampeg classic 6×10” Bass Cab
Danelectro ’59 Electric guitar – Nashville Strung
1952 Reissue Fender Telecaster
1964 Reissue Fender Jazz Bass
Sigma D28 Acoustic Guitar


Bechstein Model C Semi Concert Grand Piano 7’4
Beckstein Model IV Upright Piano
Hammond Organ C3
Leslie 122
Wurlitzer 200a
Vox Jaguar 
Yamaha YC25D Combo Organ
Jen sx1000
Reed Organ


A big thanks to Dan Moore, Tom Sinnett and Owain for making this feature possible!