Simon Efemey

Producer feature at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire

We bumped in to top metal and rock producer Simon Efemey at The Chapel Studios while he was working with a great sounding band - more on that in later features - so we quickly grabbed him to record a 10 minute interview.

The big Simon Efemey interview with and George Shilling

Large Simon Efemey photo gallery

We've been wanting to talk with Simon for many years after seeing him at Great Linford Manor Studios and hearing his work and being very impressed at his techniques in getting huge sounds. We hope to follow Simon on the recording of an album with a great new English rock band so stay tuned for our fly on the wall series coming over the next year.

We were also delighted, to at long last, feature The Chapel Studios. The Chapel is one of the longest established UK Residential Recording Studios. We are planning an in-depth video tour around the studios in a few months time. Many thanks to Andy and everyone at Chapel for making this feature possible and also to Rudy Reed for setting everything up!