Steve Levine

Music producer

record producer steve levine at his home recording studio london uk

Steve Levine is a music producer based in London. We haven't recorded a video interview with him yet but we did meet up and take a large set of photographs for his feature in Resolution magazine.

Steve Levine is an established music producer who currently runs the UK's Music Producer's Guild (MPG) and he can be heard on a BBC Radio Two series 'The Record Producers' where he talks about legendary producers and disects some of their tracks.

Steve is best known for his work with Culture Club but has worked with some other well known artists since then. A quick google should throw them up. Steve has worked in the past with Simon Humphrey and we are delighted to feature him in a video interview talking about working with Steve.

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Starting as a trainee tape op at CBS studios in the mid 70's he progressed to house engineer and worked with many new wave & punk acts The Clash, The Jags, The Vibrators, XTC as well as many of CBS records pop acts, including Sailor.

Culture Club, Honeyz, America, Beach Boys, Deniece Williams and Gary Moore are just a few of the artists this Grammy and Brit award-winning record producer has worked with.

Steve has won a number of prestigious awards including BPI Producer of the Year, Musicweek Top Singles Producer and a Grammy for his work with Deniece Williams.

Along with his radio and TV work Steve is also busy producing exciting new bands for his label Hubris Records, first release 6 Day Riot. Currently in the studio with new signings is Daytona Lights, Natalie McCool (a previous MIBI finalist), The Glitches & Patch William.