Studio Tour Archive page: published 1999

Townhouse Studios

Video tour from 1999

Becks, the studio manager, shows us around

Townhouse Studios are one of the UK's most famous and highly regarded recording studios.

Established by Richard Branson in the 70's and based in Shepherds Bush, the studios have never stood still and seem to be constantly evolving and leading the way. Although the Townhouse are part of the Virgin-EMI group of studios which include Olympic and Abbey Road, the studios have a homely feel and instantly make the artist feel relaxed and at home.

They were one of the very first studios in the UK to ask Sam Toyashima to design a room and the quality of in house staff have enabled the facility to keep leading the field. Townhouse possibly helped establish SSL as one of the leading console makers due to their very early and pioneering involvement.

Townhouse have three main rooms which are briefly covered below plus a number of mastering facilities and pre production rooms. Although they are a 'top studio', they remain one of the friendliest and most relaxed studios in town and the attitude of all the staff is great. Their technical back-up and expertise ensure that you won't run in to problems.

Studio One

Studio One Studio Area

Control room

Studio Four

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