Forward Studios, Rome
Special video tour featuring record producer Haydn Bendall

Forward recording studios based near Rome, Italy, offers a fantastic range of World class recording spaces set in a beautiful location.


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forward recording studios, rome, italy


Forward Studios are  located on the beautiful hilly outskirts of Rome 330 metres above sea level which command exceptional views. The studios are only a few kilometres from the centre of Rome, just 20 minutes to the Colisseum and are strategically situated near a hub of major roads.


The spacious and airy rooms designed and decorated to a very high standard feature access to the gardens with all the studios having independent entrances so that more than one production can take place privately and simultaneously.


Watch the broadband video tour around the studios featuring legendary record producer and engineer, Haydn Bendall. Only suitable for broadband viewers.


2008 update: The Augustus Studio has been equipped with a classic MCI 600 series console.
The Aurelius Studio has an SSL J series console and the Ceaser Studio has an 88R .


forward studios recording studio area


The desire of the studio's founder to create a "Sound Factory" in his own country, which could equal the most prestigious studios world wide, is now reality. Driven by the ambition of creating something which is dominated by the perfect equilibrium between environment and maximum technological choice, Forward Studios are unquestionably built to the highest possible standards dedicated to recording and mixing where it is simple to work on a project in maximum comfort and a relaxing atmosphere.


The desire to create an exclusive oasis in extraordinarily beautiful surroundings yet perfectly integrated in the metropolitan area led to the natural choice of the site the studios are built on: The conversion and reconstruction of an antique three storey villa built in the Roman style, rich in exclusive and sometimes quirky details.


forward studios ssl j series studio, control room


The total internal area the studios are built on is over 1,500 square metres. The foundations which are more than 2 metres deep are made up of a layer of travertine stone, volcanic rock and cement. The reinforced concrete floating islands are found above this layer, these are then supported by a complex sound proofing system made up of a thick spiders web of calculated release rubber supports; the so called "floating islands" support the "shells" of the control rooms, the Live area and the ISO booths. 


The masonry of the studios is made up of very heavy and thick blocks of volcanic rock (approx. 10,000) which rest on the "floating islands". The rooms, built purposefully in this way, though adjacent and communicating, are not in structural contact thus guaranteeing the maximum sound proofing.


All the circuits are made up of deeply positioned  elastically joined conduits so to avoid all types of unwanted transmission. The air conditioning system with the highest level of mechanic and aerodynamic noise reduction, guarantees the control of all the parameters temperature, speed and humidity individually for each area. It is with this principle that Forward Studios created separate systems for each area thus avoiding acoustic returns. The cabling is the same for all the spaces allowing the operators to interact with each studio, independently from the control room where they are working.


forward studios, rome, neve control room


The studio equipment is vast and we have created a page that lists the major components.




Forward Music Italy is the record label connected to the studio. It manages Forward's in-house productions benefitting of the cooperation of the best producers, A&R and italian labels, and it is currently looking for foreign partners to develop an international network of cooperation and promotion.


Contact and info:


Viale San Bartolomeo, 32
00046 Grottaferrata
ROMA Italia
Tel. +39 06 9454 6481
Fax +39 06 9454 9869


Haydn Bendall is also featured in several Music Producers Guild video features and can be contacted via his management:

Email: Rebecca Duncan
Tel: + 44 7990 550 001
Management: Rebecca Duncan


A very special thanks to everyone at Forward Studios for all of their help in making this video feature possible! We would also like to thank Haydn Bendall for his tour and in assisting with the making of this feature. Haydn is a leading member of the Music Producers Guild.





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