Funky Junk - Used and New Recording Studio Equipment


Funky Junk are one of Europe's biggest dealers in high end used recording equipment but the also sell a lot of high quality new studio lines including the very nice (we think so anyway) APS studio monitors.


funky junk new used equipment showroom


Based in a new location with easy parking, the excellent new show rooms include a well treated control room which give a good space to audition the gear.


funky junk demo studio for user sound recording equipment


Funky Junk carries large stocks of fully serviced used outboard and mics, all with a three month warranty. Up to 20 low, medium and high end Neve and SSL mixing consoles in stock and on demo by appointment, plus multitracks, monitors, hard disc systems, patchbays, cables and accessories.


Funky Junk is one of Europe's leading suppliers of new professional audio, specialising in the best in analogue processing and mics. Exclusive distribution of API, Royer Mics, EAR tube processors and Sherman Filter Banks plus a wide selection of other new equipment on view in a private demonstration room.


An increasing number of professional clients now rely upon the merry band of in-house boffins at Boffin Island to repair, maintain and service their equipment.

Funky Junk Ltd.

Unit 10, 407-409 Hornsey Road, London, UK N19 4DX.
Tel: +44(0)207 281 4478 Fax: +44(0)207 263 9186



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