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Hook End Studios offer what many would argue to be the finest residential recording studio anywhere in the World. Massive SSL console and all the other excellent equipment aside, Hook End offers an awesome Elizabethan manor house to relax in with substantial grounds for privacy and inspiration.


Best record producer Trevor Horn at his hook end manor recording studios


The day's of very expensive studios may not be what it once was, budgets are tight. However, when you add up the cost of using a regular studio, add the costs of hotels, add food and all of the other things that come as standard at Hook End, the price may well be less - and you have a five star rock star place to hang out.


We love a number of smaller studios such as Modern World for the value and quality that they offer but we equally love Hook End as it too offers incredible value and atmosphere. Hook End Studios have been updated with a substantially upgraded range of outboard equipment including Fairchild's and Pultecs.



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Trevor Horn Talks about Hook End


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For around ten years Hook End was owned by Trevor Horn. He described the studio as the finest residential studio anywhere in a video with recorded by us with Trevor talking about the studio.


Hook End underwent massive refurbishment just a few years ago with the control room and studio being tastefully re-decorated and features one of the UK's largest SSL console - 96 channel J Series frame with 80 modules fitted.   Watch a low rez video pan around the room.


There's nothing missing in the racks and the studio's got stacks of analogue and digital multi-tracks.  But that's enough about gadgets, what makes the studio special to work in is the huge amount of space, both the control room and studio areas are vast.

There is no doubt, the technical and acoustic specs are among the best in the world.


Click here to watch the low resolution video tour around the studio grounds and houseIf space is what you want, this place has got it.  If you are in to nature,  the huge grounds feature one of the largest monkey puzzle trees in the UK and the gardens are right out of a feature film

Best of all, the accommodation is simply superb.  Take your choice from a wide range of original rooms, some designed by Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd- a previous owner).  Our favorite is the World War II vibe room, no doubt influenced by Roger Waters.  There are numerous relaxation rooms where the mega star can entertain in suitable style.


The food is excellent and the staff are top rate.   All in all, you couldn't hire a decent top hotel suite in London for the same money - and you get one of the world's top studios thrown in too.  We're blown away and you will be too!


Special thanks to Trevor Horn for his commentary and to Mark at Hook End for making the new feature possible.


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 Take the exclusive tour around Hook End

Take the video tour with Lola, the studio manager, around the studio's groundsJoin Lola, ex- studio manager, 
on a video tour of the Manor.  
Click here to watch the video!

 Walk around the studio at Hook End Manor

Get in close to one of the biggest control rooms with fabulous 96 channel SSL J series consoleComplete with 96 channel SSL and masses of great equipment, Hook End is a truly World class studio!  This was shot when Hook End was part of SARM Studios

Hook End Manor has a fabulous selection of rooms Take the video tour with Lola, the studio manager, around the studio's grounds Hook End - ariel view Get in close to one of the biggest control rooms with fabulous 96 channel SSL J series console SARM Hook End's main live room  







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