Record producer and audio engineer interviews

Interviews with music producers, engineers and musicians, recorded between 1999 and 2022

Adrian Bushby
Adrian Bushby Mix engineer interview

Adrian Bushby is a double Grammy award winning British producer, engineer and mixer. Mike Exeter visited Adrian at his private studio in London to talk about how his working methods

Adrian Hall
Adrian Hall Video interview at Metropolis Studios, London

It's not often that you are chatting with a record producer and discover that he has a masters degree in maths and acoustic design! Adrian Hall took time out at

Al Groves
Al Groves Video interview at Motor Museum Studios

Al Groves is a British record producer, mix engineer and recording engineer.  He's based in Liverpool at Motor Museum Studios.  Al has over sixteen years experience as a producer. He

Al Schmitt
Al Schmitt Legendary record producer and recording engineer

Watch our exclusive video interview with one of the World's most talented record producers who won his first Grammy when he was a teenager. Eleven times Grammy winning engineer Al

Alan Parsons & Nick Mason
Alan Parsons & Nick Mason Recording Dark Side of The Moon

This is a special interview with Nick Mason and Alan Parsons in the recording studio while recording a drum sample library for Sonic Reality. Dave Kerzner asks the questions at

Alex Silva
Alex Silva Video interview at Mayfair Studios

Three days after starting at his first studio as an assistant Alex Silva was thrown in to the deep end to engineer the session while the owner/engineer rushed off for

Andre Fischer
Andre Fischer Record producer video feature

We are delighted to bring this excellent video interview with Andre while he took time out at the World famous Village Recorders . Claris of asked the questions while

Andrew Raphael
Andrew Raphael Interview with Russell Cottier

Andrew Raphael is a Record Producer and Arranger based in north west UK.  Russ Cottier dropped in to chat with Andrew at Catalyst Studios to find out more about his

Andrew Scheps
Andrew Scheps Interview at Monnow Valley Studios

Russell Cottier and the crew visited Monnow Valley Studios to meet up with the legendary mixing engineer Andrew Scheps to find out about how he became such a 'brand

Andy Bradfield
Andy Bradfield Recording / mixing engineer & producer

We are planning a video interview with Andy in the next few months. Andy Bradfield is a well established and very talented mix engineer having learned his craft at Olympic

Andy Gill
Andy Gill Record producer & musician

Special video interview with legendary record producer Andy Gill Gill's death was announced by Gang of Four on 1 February 2020.  He will be sadly missed. Andy Gill was one

Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson Recording engineer feature at Astoria Studios

Video feature with legendary Pink Floyd recording engineer Andy Jackson. Andy Jackson is possibly one of the most gifted recording engineers working today. He is best known for his work

Andy Sneap
Andy Sneap Talks with Russ Russell

Top metal record producer Andy Sneap was working at his studio in Derbyshire with Russ Russell when we popped in with the cameras to record a short interview about recording

Andy Whitmore
Andy Whitmore Record producer and musician

We recently caught up with Andy Whitmore, legendary session keyboard player and record producer at his Greystoke Studios in West London to talk about his career. View Andy Whitmore's photographs

Ann Mincieli
Ann Mincieli Video interview at Germano Studios, NY

We visited Germano Studios in New York to record a number of producer features and we were very lucky to bump in to Ann who very kindly said she'd record

Arty Skye
Arty Skye Video interview at SkyeLab Sound Studios, NYC

Ace interviewer Johnny Jaskot talks with Arty Skye about his career as a leading record producer at his recording studio in New York, SkyeLab Sound Studios. Arty Skye has