Alan Parsons & Nick Mason

Recording Dark Side of The Moon

This is a special interview with Nick Mason and Alan Parsons in the recording studio while recording a drum sample library for Sonic Reality. Dave Kerzner asks the questions at State of The Ark Studios, London.

In this interview, Dave Kerzner talks with Alan Parsons and Nick Mason about the recording of Dark Side of The Moon album at Abbey Road Studios and have added a stack of 'cut-away' footage recorded during the drum sample session. For obvious reasons, we are unable to include much of the content recorded on the session but you can purchase the drum samples from Sonic Reality's website here.

Special thanks to Manon Grandjean for her help in assisting on this session.

alan parsons in the studio recording nick mason from pink floyd

Click this link & watch Alan Parsons showing his mic placement methods for recording drums

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Sonic Reality's website - Check out their drum sample library's

Special thanks to Nick Mason, Alan Parsons, Dave Kerzner and Manon Grandjean for their help in making this feature possible.