Alex Silva

Video interview at Mayfair Studios

Three days after starting at his first studio as an assistant Alex Silva was thrown in to the deep end to engineer the session while the owner/engineer rushed off for the birth of his child.

We met up with Alex Silva at his corner of London's Mayfair Studios to find out about his recording techniques and we found him to be a very open and interesting. George Shilling fired the questions in what we think is one of our best interviews to date.

Alex has worked with many leading artists, from Dave Stewart to Paul McCartney but more recently he has been closely involved with Herbert Groenemeyer and has recently been awarded a five times platinum disc for that collaboration.

Record producer Alex Silva at Mayfair recording studios talks on camera about his record production

After moving to London in 1995, Alex began his career in Record Production. After being taken under the wing of Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), he was taught the ropes of record production working with many International artists including: Texas, Mick Jagger, Daryll Hall, Marianne Faithful, Jon Bon-Jovi and Shakespeare's Sister and movie sountracks for Paul Verhoven, George Sluizer and Ted Demme.

In 1997 Alex Silva began to produce independently for various artists such as Manic Street Preachers, Suede (UK), Herbert Groenemeyer, Lunik (Switzerland) and Brainstorm (Latvia).

Special thanks to Alex for sparing his time and to George Shilling for his excellent interview.

Contact Alex Silva via his website. Thanks to all at Mayfair Studios (now sadly closed) for their help.