Andrew Raphael

Interview with Russell Cottier

Interview with Russ Cottier at Catalyst Studios

Andrew Raphael is a Record Producer and Arranger based in north west UK.  Russ Cottier dropped in to chat with Andrew at Catalyst Studios to find out more about his unique production methods.

Some of the diverse recordings with a wide range of artists includes:  Everything Everything, Blossoms, The Charlatans, The Slow Readers Club, Palace, Fenne Lily, Charlie Raphael-Campbell, KLARA, ISLAND, Charlotte Church, Nadine Shah and ShadowParty.

Andrew Raphael record producer interview at Catalyst Studios

It is Andrew’s clear vision that a producer/engineer should be sympathetic to the needs of the artist/band and be a springboard for their creativity. This ensures that each project remains complimentary to the artists/bands style but also reflects their personality and sounds unique.

Andrew studied at Rose Bruford performing arts college and SAE Institute in London, however his career has not followed the traditional commercial studio route. Developing his skills outside of that world has given him a different perspective on both recording, production and how he works with his artists.

Andrew Raphael record producer interview at Catalyst Studios

Andrew has a unique take on the state of music in the 21st century, drawing on an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music. Whilst not being against the idea of genre and its historical development, Andrew feels that music has become too compartmentalised and must be allowed to breathe and grow.  Find out more by visiting his website.