Andrew Scheps

Interview at Monnow Valley Studios

Russell Cottier and the crew visited Monnow Valley Studios to meet up with the legendary mixing engineer Andrew Scheps to find out about how he became such a 'brand name' and cover hot topics ranging from 'mixing in the box' to being the 'audio janitor'!

Here is the same interview edited into bite sized segments:

VIDEO - guitar recording tips

VIDEO - drum recording methods and microphones

VIDEO - mixing in the box

VIDEO - moving to the UK and chatting about production

Russell Cottier with Andrew Scheps at Monnow valley studios

Read the whole in-depth interview in Resolution magazine - October 2016 issue.

Andrew Scheps has worked with a 'who's who' of artisits, there are too many to list off here but a short selection includes: U2, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash, Metallica, Neil Diamond etc etc.

Andrew has moved to the UK and is now associated with Monnow Valley Studios where much of his classic recording equipment has been installed.

Mixing engineer Andrew Scheps in the recording studio

Special thanks to Russell Cottier for asking the questions and to everyone at Monnow Valley Studios for making us so welcome and for helping in setting this up - and for giving up their studio time! Many thanks to Andrew Scheps for taking the time too!

High resolution Andrew Scheps photo gallery