Andy Jackson

Recording engineer feature at Astoria Studios

Video feature with legendary Pink Floyd recording engineer Andy Jackson.

Andy Jackson is possibly one of the most gifted recording engineers working today.

He is best known for his work with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour but he also has a vast track record having working with artists like Bob Geldof and he has an on-line disk mastering business too.

We met up with Andy at David Gilmour's private studio, Astoria, to talk about his work with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

Andy has been Pink Floyd's engineer for 30 years. "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" & "The Division Bell" were both nominated for "Best Engineered Album" Grammies and "The Division Bell" won "Best Recording Quality" at The British Hi-Fi Awards & Andy won the 'Mix' award for best live sound on the "Pulse" tour.

recording and mixing engineer andy jackson at astoria studios

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andy jackson at the controls of astoria studios - Pink Floyd's David Gilmour's studio - UK

We did a quick 'Google' on Andy Jackson and noticed that he is quite hidden away and that surprised us.

Yes, America's 7th president shared the same name so it's not surprising that he's not listed right at the top but we think he should be recognised a bit more but Andy does like to keep a low profile.

George Shilling asked the questions and you can read the print interview in the excellent Resolution magazine in the October 2007 edition.

Special thanks to everyone at Astoria for their very kind help in making this feature possible and to Andy for taking time out to have the cameras pointed at him.

Andy now also runs Tube Mastering, visit his site to find out more.

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