Brent Fischer

Composer, arranger and producer

Brent talks with engineer Nick Poortman at NRG Studios

Nick Poortman visited the fabulous NRG Studios and spent a few days with Brent Fischer taking in Brent's workflow and recorded this 30 minute interview.

This video was only made possible with the help of Claris Dodge and and we would like to warmly thank her for making this possible and to everyone at NRG Studios. Thank you so much to Brent Fischer for giving up his time to record this feature!

Brent Fischer with Prince

Brent Fischer & Prince in 2004 on the Musicology tour

Brent Fischer biography

Grammy®-winning producer, composer, arranger Brent Fischer credits his late father, Clare Fischer, for creating the family tradition of writing and arranging with a rich harmonic palette that has become the Fischer brand. A multi-instrumentalist (vibes, keys, bass, drums), Brent Fischer moves easily between Jazz, Pop or Symphonic works. His arranging credits for pop royalty includes: Usher, Al Jarreau, Eric Benet, Michael Jackson Elvis Costello & The Roots, D'Angelo and many others!

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