Dan Weller

Interview at VADA Studios, UK

Dan Weller talks with Mix Engineer Clint Murphy at VADA Studios

After a fun but long day working in the studio Dan sat down to chat with fellow mix engineer Clint Murphy about the art of production.

There will be a follow up video with Dan taking us around his drum recording setup but in this video, as well as the conversation and insight, Dan takes us through his favourite guitar pedals so please stick with the video and watch it to the end!

Dan Weller at VADA Recording Studios

Dan Weller is an award winning record producer, mixer, writer and guitarist. Dan's best known for his work in rock and metal but he does work in other genres.  He started out as a founding member and producer of the metal band SikTh who are highly regarded in the heavy metal scene and together with Meshuggah he's credited with spawning the micro-genre 'djent'. To quote Dan's website: "SikTh are often name-checked as an influence by bands the world over." In a career spanning almost 20 years they released six records and toured the world. In 2015 they toured with US metal titans Slipknot and were featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine in India. Their final show was in 2019 where they were invited to Manila in the Philippines to support Slayer on their farewell tour.

Clint Murphy and Dan Weller

Clint Murphy and Dan Weller

Now, Dan is best known for growing talent and bringing the very best out of the artists he works with. His long time studio collaborations with UK's Enter Shikari have 3 x UK top 5 records including a number 2 in April 2020, Monster Truck, Bury Tomorrow, Young Guns (Active number 1 in US) and many more. To further quote from Dan's website: "In more recent years Dan has found a balance between Producing/Mixing and his first love - Song writing. Credits include Taylor Swift approved Austrian based Hunger, Sea girls, Holding Absence, Shvpes, Cody Frost and many more."

A huge thanks to Dan for taking the time, to Clint Murphy for asking the questions days before relocating back to New Zealand, George and everyone at VADA Studios for making us welcome.