Dave Chang

Record producer feature

We are delighted to bring an HD video feature with leading rock and metal producer Dave Chang shot at Monkey Puzzle House Studios. The video feature was shot late in 2007 during a break in a session.

Dave Chang is one of the UK's leading metal record producers. He is busy non stop. After watching the video why not pop over to his site to view the latest news and browse the biography.

dave chang seen at monkey puzzle house studios aws 900

A small selection of Dave's work includes

Eternal Descent - 'Phantom of the Opera' - Incendium Records - co-produced & mixed

Sanctorum - 'Ashes of Redemption' - Copro Records - Produced, mixed & mastered

Hands Of Hate - 'When Love Decays' - Casket - Produced

Panic Cell - 'What Doesn't Kill Us' - Ant Hill Records - co-mixed with Andy Sneap

Sennah - 'No End' - Produced

Helgrind - 'Fallen Prophet' - Casket - Produced

Ligature - 'Attack Of The Megaleanasaurus' - Produced

EIGHTHNERVE - 'Traverse The Sky' - Produced

Ubermanoeuvre - 'War Aint What It Used To Be' - Produced

The Hollow Earth Theory - 'Hanging Of The Followers' - HET - Produced

State Of Serenity - 'An Exchange of Pleasantries...' - Produced

Sennah - 'All I Needed' - Platinum Sound - Produced

Forever Never - 'Aporia' - Casket Records - Produced

Sennah - '5-track EP' - Produced

RSJ - 'Reflections in Bm' - Casket Records - Mixed - 22/08/2005

Test Switch Isolator - 'Let's Dance' - Casket Records - Produced

Glueball - 'The Good, The Band, and The Ugly' - Naked Dog Records - Produced

Pain Control - 'Subvert' - Valhalla Records - Produced

earthtone9 - 'hi-point (rem)' - Copro Records - Produced

Special thanks to Dave Chang for sparing his time and to everyone at the fab Monkey Puzzle House recording studio! Many thanks to the Sundae Club for helping create the backing track, sorry Dave, they're not a metal band!

Find out more about Dave Chang, visit his website.