Dave Rideau

Video feature at Westlake Studios, LA

Dave Rideau is one of the best and one of the nicest recording and mixing engineers that we've ever had the pleasure of meeting. We met with three times Grammy nominated Dave at the iconic Westlake Studios in Los Angeles and managed to persuade him to talk on camera for 20 minutes about his work and how he got to be so in-demand as an engineer.

recording and mixing engineer dave rideau at westlake recording studios los angeles

Dave is well known for his work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson, Sting, George Duke, TLC, JLo, George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire and lots of other high profile artists. The key to his success seems to be mostly down to his thinking through potential issues, being prepared and being very calm and relaxed so people feel at ease in his company.

We hope that you enjoy the video which runs for just over 15 minutes.

Special thanks to Dave for his time, everyone at Westlake Studios and to Johnny Jaskot of for the lighting, sound and much more!

Dave has a Linkedin Page so probably best to contact him that way.