David Pye

Recording engineer & producer interview

Freelance recording engineer David Pye and George Shilling met up to chat on camera at Leeders Farm Studios, Norfolk, where David has been working recently.

David Pye has engineered countless independent release for bands from Norwich and the surrounding area. Most recently he has worked with Wild Beasts, Faithless, Dido, Pete Lawrie, Sargasso Trio, The Crimea, Fever Fever, and Teenage Fanclub as well as working closely with producer Rollo Armstrong on many different projects.

As you will see by watching the video, David aims to deliver lifelike, true, and natural yet unique sounds with a leaning towards live performance and fast working. He is currently working alongside Richard Formby at Bryn Derwen Studios on the next album by Wild Beasts.

david pye recording engineer and record producer at leeders farm recording studios UK

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