Interview Archive page: published 2003

Fran Ashcroft

Record producer video interview

Fran Ashcroft moved back to the UK from the States about 10 Years ago and he took time out while recording at Antenna Studios in London to talk in his first interview for us about his unique working style. That's now and old video but is part of the archive, meanwhile, since filming that original interview, Fran has recorded numerous interviews, features and contributed greatly to our Blog with some very observant comments about the recording industry in general. Fran has some fresh ideas about recording which we think could, or should, catch on.


Some credits

UK: Damon Albarn (Blur), Abbey Road Studios, Thunderbirds Are Go!, PRT Records and Studios, Filmtrax PLC, Trident Studios,EMI Music.

USA: Spin Jupiter Spin (Dandy Warhols), Go-Kustom Records, The Kingsmen, Robert Lang Studios, Elks Skiffle Group, March Records.

JAPAN: Big Fish Music, Microstar, Think Sync Intregral, Rika Shinohara

DENMARK: Embellish, Borsing Recording, Birdland Studios

BELIGUM: Darling Nikkie (Lords of Acid), Roadrunner/Arcade

S. AFRICA: David Gresham Records Pty.


Song structuring and revisions
Musical arrangements
Pre-production, coaching and routining
Recording, mixing, re-mixing
Editing and mastering
A&R Consultation
International Licensing
Digital Rights Licensing


1999 to date:

Content /development  for
International development,
Member of Record Producer expert panel at


Poetry Cow Publishing,  owner
Happybeat records and studios,  owner
US correspondent for Bandit A&R newsletter

Watch our video interview with Fran Ashcroft, a record producer with unique recording style





Yamaha MD4 minidisc: like having 2 analog 4 track machines and a simple console. Yamaha were quite surprised I bought this instead of their sophisticated "pro" stuff.
Sony 2 track analog, variable speed, 1970's: fun for tape saturation, phasing and delay.

Goldwave digital audio editor: editing,mastering,restoration,CDR


Knight, 3-way,1960's:american cabinets, but Goodmans speakers inside! They sound like the Tannoys  did at Pye #1, London, maybe a little warmer.

Magnavox 1970s: cost $2! And sound like it! There are also several other sets of awful smaller speakers for cross referencing.


Sony condensers, pair, 1971, omni.

Philco stereo mic, 1960's, omni: Looks like a hand grenade. A dynamic mic with 4 capsule pick up.

Grampian DP4 dynamic: quintessential early 60's terrible British live mic.

"Empire Made" 60's crystal mic

Realistic stereo electret condenser, 1970's: looks like a bug

Hong Kong 60's pencil dynamic: no manufacturer.

And several other mic oddities for fx.


DBX 117, x 2: early 70's pre-amp/compressor/expander

Behringer autocom compressor/gate

Alesis Microverb 3: which means there are 3 settings worth using.

Pioneer SR202 Spring Reverb, 70's

Audio Control 5 band graphic, Realistic 5 band graphic, Realistic 12 band graphic, Audio Linear 10 band graphic, all 1970's: 32 bands of EQ, if desperate!


Numerous Casio and Yamaha keyboards and synths from 1970's to date: all with drum machines, from the little toy ones to big toy ones.

Epiphone Casino, 1961.

Hofner Beatle Bass, 1964.

Fender Villager, 1969: rigged as 6 string.

Shaftesbury electric 12 string, 1970.

Acoustic 12 string and nylon strung guitars.

FET amp and cab, early 70's,

Trixon Drums 1950's.

Lots of percussion