Gareth Jones

Interview at Strongroom Studios

Gareth Jones is one of those legendary producers that has such an amazing credits list you don't expect him to be as warm and welcoming to chat about his work as he is. Rarely have we met a more friendly and enthusiastic record producer that clearly loves his job.

Mike Exeter visited Gareth's studio at Strongroom Studios in London in June 2019 to chat about production, bands, technical 'stuff' and loads more.

gereth jones at strongroom studios

Gareth Jones is a British Music Producer and Musician, after training at the BBC in the late 70's he worked at the Pathway Studios in London and then helped build the Garden studio in Shoreditch, not far from Strongroom.

During the 1980's Gareth moved to Berlin for a decade working at Hansa studio. At the turn of the 1990's Gareth returned to London to a production room at Strongroom Studio, where he was for 15 years, and is now again since 2013.

Gareth Jones is a technologist - an early pioneer of digital equipment and sampling technology - he clearly knows how to make great (sounding) records.

Gareth is represented by Adam Katz at Next Wave Management

gareth jones in the studio

Some of Gareth Jones' credits

Bomb The Bass
Bronski Beat
Depeche Mode
The Futureheads
John Foxx
New Order
Nick Cave
Skunk Anansie

Gareth Jones with some of his synth collection