Giles Martin

Interview at Air Studios

We are very pleased to bring a video featuring record producer Giles Martin shot at Air Studios, London. George Shilling talked with Giles in the Hall at Air about his views on production and naturally, that Beatles 'Love' album!

Son of legendary record producer, Sir George Martin, Giles has proven himself to be a huge talent having recently co-produced the fantastic Beatles 'Love' album. Rather than repeat all the other 'stuff' written already in many magazines jump right in to the video feature.

record producer Giles Martin behind the piano at Air recording studios

As George Shilling points out in the video, you can get hold of Resolution magazine for the bits that we've missed out, and naturally, all of the punctuation is correct!

Special thanks to Giles Martin for sparing his time to record this feature, everyone at Air Studios (sorry for the electricity bill with the lights!) and George Shilling for his incisive questioning.

giles martin behind the mixing desk at Air Studios

Giles Martin production discography:

2004/6 The Beatles in Las Vegas (Apple/Cirque du Soleil/MGM/EMI)
Co-producing the live show and album release

2004/5 Hayley Westenra - Odyssey (Universal/Decca)
Produced acclaimed 2nd album

2004 Willard White - My Way (Sony/BMG)
Produced with Carl Davis

2003 Hayley Westenra - Pure (Universal/Decca)
Produced chart-topping international debut album

2002 Party at the Palace - Live show, CD and DVD releases (EMI/Virgin)
HM Queen’s Golden Jubilee concert - MD and release producer

2001 Imagine the Concert
With artists Sugarbabes, BBMak in John Lennon tribute - MD

2000/1 The Alice Band (Instant Karma/Sony)
Debut album and singles - Producer

1999 Joined Instant Karma
In-house producer

1997 Monorail (Edel)
Singles - Producer

1996/7 In My Life (Echo/MCA)
George Martin compilation

1996/7/8 Velvet Jones (Naked)
Writing, recording & touring

1996 Paramount Television
Various projects

1996 The Beatles Anthology (EMI/Apple)
Production Assistant

1996 INXS (Mercury)
New tracks for Greatest Hits package

1996 Monorail (Edel)
Album and singles

1995 The Great Music Experience
Working with artists including: Joni Mitchell, INXS, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi - MD

1995 The Choir (BBC)
Chart-topping music from the TV series

1995 The Glory of Gershwin (Mercury)
Album featuring: Sting, Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Sinéad O'Connor

1994 My Life Story (Unsigned)
Girl A, Girl B, Boy C EP

1994 The K’s (a.k.a. Kulashaker) (GUT)
Demo tracks

For further information about Giles Martin visit his managements website.