Ian Caple

Talks with George Shilling about searching out new sounds

Never one to repeat himself Ian is always looking for something new

Early in 2014 George Shilling visited Ian Caple to do an interview and found himself at Yellow Fish Studios. We recorded the interview which runs for way over an hour but this is a small segment of that conversation and sat 'in the can' for over two years before being re-discovered... We have good excuses but anyway, since filming this Ian has moved to a funky new studio complex in Eastbourne (in the South UK) and are planning to do a new feature there soon.

Ian is always looking for new sounds. If he creates a sample to use for a track, once it's been used he deletes it. As you will see when you watch the video, Ian is the kind of person that doesn't want to be stuck in a loop, always copying what he's done before. He would much rather search out something new.

Each time Ian is about to record drums he will pick out a mic that he'd not used before or something that you'd not usual choose and will put that up, just to see what it's like and what it could add. This is very much in tune with many other engineers and producers now who are getting fed up with the same sounds..

We hope that you like this video and we will hopefully be visiting Ian's new studio and this time, we won't sit on the footage!

Recording engineer Ian Caple in the studio

Ian Caple seen here working hard in his old studio!