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Jack Hale

Nashville record producer video features

Jack Hale, video interview with top record producer

"Know what you are doing, know your craft, be overly prepared for all projects – trust your ears" say's Jack. Watch our seriously in-depth video interview with Jack Hale at Hale House. The videos are in three parts.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

Jack Hale was born into a family of musicians. Jack's father and uncle Dr. Ralph Hale have long been well respected within the industry. Embarking on musical studies quite late, at age 13 - as his father did not want to be accused of pushing Jack into the business -Jack began playing trumpet with his uncle. As his teachers and mentors, his father and uncle would play a huge role throughout Jack's amazing career – whether helping with the physical issues associated with brass playing or preparing Jack for his first conducting gig with a major symphony.

Shortly after Jack began playing, he knew that being a musician would be his life’s work. "We were not wealthy, but comfortable and happy as a family – also I was an only child. My father laid down the law about practice, study, etc. so I was not allowed to take on summer jobs. I earned my “allowance” by practicing and studying. I always had everything a kid would want, so I had no excuses about having it hard and therefore could devote the time necessary to develop my talent and skills" say's Jack. This was the start of Jack's single minded determination to making a success and leaving his mark on the industry.

Special thanks to Jack for giving up so much of his time to help us set up this feature - but we would like to add that Jack has been invaluable in helping film our first Nashville producer feature series for 2006. Thank you Jack for all of your help! Special thanks also go to Johnny Jaskot of for his superb interview, camera work and editing!

Jack Hale would like to give special thanks to his father Jack Hale, my 2nd father Willie Mitchell, Joe Hardy, Niko Lyras, John Hampton, The Memphis Boys, and John Fry.