Interview Archive page: published 2005

John Carter Cash

Record producer feature

We are delighted to feature a unique video interview with record producer John Carter Cash recorded at his private recording studio - Cash Cabin Studios in Nashville. This special video feature filmed by Johnny Jaskot gives a fantastic insight in to the way John records and works in this very personal recording studio.

record producer john carter cash video interview at his private nashville recording studioJohn Carter Cash, son of the late Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, is not only a musician and record producer but also has recently been working as executive producer of a new film about his father 'Walk The Line' due out in late November 2005.

John's unique studio, Cash Cabin Studio, is what John describes as a comfortable spot, a place steeped in nostalgia and spirit. The studio is designed to be a place where he can record acoustic instruments well, a place where all forms of music can be recorded, from country through to rock and gospel projects.

As a producer, John looks for what he feels is going to make a diffference and describes his role as a producer as someone who is always digging to bring out the best in an artist. "I love to make music, that's where I find my freedom". "I'm looking for uniqueness and song quality to spark creativity and energy"

John has a dogged belief that having faith in an artist and persistace pay's off, most of all,
having the vision and doing what we love in life is most important.

Special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of for directing and editing this feature and many thanks to Jack Hale for his help in making this feature possible. Very special thanks to John Carter Cash for being so generous with his time and showing us around this unique and historic studio.

November 2005