John Cornfield

Record producer & engineer

At the start of COVID-19 lock down early in 2020, John Cornfield filmed a tour around his home studio. He's more usually associated with Sawmills Studios and some photos we took of him there are below but this is a fascinating look in to a pretty full-on home studio setup!

To quote John's wbsite: "I have been in the music industry most of my adult life. Even at school I was doing the sound and lights for bands. After leaving school I did a 7 year apprentiship in Electrical /electronic engineering for English China Clays in the south west.

All through my time at ECC I still continued doing live sound and recording for local bands and working at Roche Studios. In 1985 I became involved at the Sawmill Studio as an engineer and eventually left ECC and became the house engineer at the Sawmills. During which time I mixed and produced bands such as New Model Army, Supergrass, Catatonia, Razorlight, Muse, Wet Wet Wet, Robert Plant, Stone Roses, Ride, and enjoyed a fair amount of chart success.

I have worked at different studios all over the world including Austrailia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands.

I am currently working from my home studio doing alot of Emixing and E mastering and also recording live bands but still have an interest in the Sawmills.

I still do a lot of live sound with touring bands and have recently been on tour with The Feeling / Yellowire."

record producer John Cornfield at sawmills studios

John Cornfield will soon be featured in a techniques feature but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these rare pictures of this renowned record producer who can be mostly found working at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall.

John Cornfield Picture Gallery

producer and engineer john cornfield

John Cornfield has had an amazing career having worked with an amazing range of artists, Muse to New Model Army.  The common thread is his incredible sound.

john cornfield - record producer

John Cornfield is not someone that courts publicity but can be found tending to his pet hamster, Gerald.

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