Max Heyes

Record producer feature at Lynchmob Studios

With credits ranging from the Doves to Paul Weller, Oasis & Primal Scream to Jamiroquai & Massive Attack. Max Heyes is happiest in a live band environment, as well as with dance-pop projects. We met up with Max at Lynchmob Studios, London, to find out more about his career and the studio that he's based at.

Combining the best of new technology with the organic feel of true live sound, Max co-produced The Doves' Mercury Music Prize Nominated UK#1 album "The Last Broadcast", and contributed mixes for Primal Scream's XTRMNTR album- recently voted number 3 in NME's top albums of the decade. Max was also involved in developing the La Roux project with mixes of the smash hit 'In For The Kill'

record producer and recording engineer Max Heyes at Lynchmob recording studio

Many thanks to Brendan Lynch for setting up this feature and to Max for giving up valuable mix time to talk with us!

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