Mick Glossop

Record producer feature

Mick has been producing, engineering and mixing for over 30 years. Initially known for his work recording and producing new wave and punk bands like Magazine, Public Image Ltd, Penetration and The Ruts, he had huge success as a record producer throughout the 1980s collaborating with bands like The Waterboys, Furniture and The Wonderstuff.

Mick also has a 25 year history with Van Morrison which persists to this day, spending most of 2004 and 2005 extensively mixing Van's archive material for a long awaited box set.

We are delighted to present our unique record producer video feature with Mick shot at Townhouse Recording Studios, London . Special thanks to Julie Bateman of Townhouse Studios for helping make this feature possible. Many thanks to Giles Stanley for helping to make the feature possible by pulling things together and extra special thanks to Nigel Jopson of Resolution Magazine for taking his valuble time to do the in depth interview!

Click here for a set of Mick Glossop pictures taken at Townhouse Studios in September 2006.

Click here for collection of photos from Mick Glossop's private studio.

top record producer at townhouse recording studios

Mick Glossop's gigantic discography

Van Morrison mixed Archive Material
Anna Krantz mixed Precious Time With You
Van Morrison mixed Live At Montreux DVD
Lloyd Cole mixed Antidepressant
Studmenn produced/mixed In Tune With The Times
Van Morrison mixed Live In Great Malvern/BBC Radio 2
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Live In Hamburg/NDR Radio
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Live In Utrecht (Dec 02)
Jaki Whitren mixed single
Van Morrison mixed Down The Road (5.1 Surround Remix)
Van Morrison engineered/mixed What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Lloyd Cole mixed Music In A Foreign Language
Kila add-production/mixed Luna Park
David Maxwell mixed Max Attack
Novasonic mixed album
Charlotte Hug/Chantale Laplante album
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Live In Berlin radio
Arthur produced/sound-design Arthur film
Adam Coop/Angelic Films sound-design Friends, Fame & Cocaine film
Jason Barker sound-design Millenium Man film
Dave Reeve sound-design Little Wing film
Adam Masterson produced/engineered One Tale Too Many
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Live At The Forum
The Crox produced/mixed single
Headrillaz mixed The 51st State OST
Rita produced/engineered Punches single
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Cursed With Insincerity
Jonson Sitting On A Mountain High demo
The Hudson Sound produced/engineered single
Spoonfish engineered/mixed album tracks & Spinning Orbits demo
Revolver produced/engineered El Dorado
Seven album
Blunder produced/mixed Blunder
M E Roberts produced/engineered
Paul Gruber mixed Salvation/Wonder Why single
Suede co-produced/engineered Jubilee single
Shiva Nova produced Strings Orchestra Piece
Pino Daniele mixed Come Un Gelato All’ Equatore
First Light engineered/mixed album
Planet Fuse produced Only Lonely When You’re Gone demos
Shiva Nova produced single
Arturo co-produced/engineered Former single
Pino Daniele mixed I Know My Way
Pino Daniele mixed
Shiva Nova add-production/mixed Urban Mantras
Revolver produced/engineered Basico 2
Heat Wave mixed Tsuki Ni Hoera
6 Was 9 produced/engineered Turning Wheel single
Midget produced/engineered Optimism single
Lower produced/engineered The Gentle Art Of Conditioning
Lower produced/engineered Second Best single
Lower produced/engineered Life’s So Slow single
Pharmacy produced/engineered demos
Novocaine mixed Nervous Disposition
The Real People add-production/mixed
The People In The Telly single
N.E.X.T mixed Here I Stand For You single
Heat Wave mixed Tokyo City Man
Revolver mixed Calle Mayor
Lloyd Cole mixed The Collection
Showgirls produced/engineered Can’t Wait For Today
Heat Wave mixed Tokyo City Hierarchy single
N.E.X.T mixed Jungle Story
The Saw Doctors add-production/mixed To Win Just Once single
Nice Little Penguins produced/mixed album
N.E.X.T mixed The Return Of N.E.X.T Part 2
Lloyd Cole mixed Love Story
Lloyd Cole mixed Like Lovers Do single
Paul Brady mixed Spirits Colliding
Revolver produced/mixed El Dorado
Van Morrison mixed The Philosopher’s Stone
Kyo mixed Alien
Various mixed No Prima Donna/Songs Of Van Morrison
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Days Like This
Martyn Joseph produced/mixed Talk About It In The Morning single
Martyn Joseph produced/mixed Martyn Joseph
Van Morrison engineered/mixed A Night In San Francisco
Evalution produced single
Something Happens produced/mixed Cindy Incidentally single
Revolver produced/mixed Basico
Bob Geldof add-production/mixed The Happy Club
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Best Of Van Morrison Vol.2
The 4 Of Us produced/engineered She Hits Me (remake) single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Too Long In Exile
John Lee Hooker engineered/mixed Don’t Look Back
Magik produced/mixed Magik
Magik produced/mixed Don’t Look Now single
The 4 Of Us produced/engineered She Hits Me single
The 4 Of Us produced/engineered Man Alive single
The 4 Of Us produced/engineered Man Alive
The 4 Of Us produced/engineered I Miss You single
The Milltown Brothers produced Valve
The Waterboys co-produced/engineered Best Of The Waterboys
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Welcome To The Cheap Seats single
29 Palms produced/mixed No Eden
The Railway Children produced Shopping Around single
Wonder Stuff/Vic Reeves produced/mixed Dizzy single
Vic Reeves produced/engineered I Will Cure You
The Wonder Stuff produced/engineered Welcome To The Cheap Seats film
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Sleep Alone single
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed The Size Of A Cow single
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Caught In My Shadow single
The Wonder Stuff produced/mixed Never Loved Elvis
Rain produced/engineered Lemonstone Desired single
Rain produced/engineered A Taste Of Rain
Rita MacNeil mixed album
The Alarm add-production/mixed Standards
Rita MacNeil add-production/mixed Working Man single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed I Can't Stop Loving You single
29 Palms add-production/mixed Magic Man single
29 Palms add-production/mixed Fatal Joy
Wet Wet Wet engineered/mixed Stay With Me Heartache single
Van Morrison co-produced/engineered Best Of Van Morrison
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Why Must I Always Explain? single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Hymns To The Silence
Energy Orchard produced/engineered Live At The Mean Fiddler single
Something Happens produced/mixed Stuck Together With God's Glue
The Senators produced Brown-eyed Girl single
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed A Map Of Morocco single
Energy Orchard produced/engineered Somebody's Brother single
Energy Orchard produced/engineered Sailortown single
Energy Orchard produced/engineered King Of Love single
Energy Orchard produced/engineered Energy Orchard
Energy Orchard produced/engineered Belfast single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Real Real Gone single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Enlightenment
Van Morrison/Cliff Richard engineered/mixed Whenever God Shines His Light single
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/engineered Silvertown
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/engineered Rain, Steam And Speed single
View From The Hill produced/engineered Shelter From The Rain single
View From The Hill produced/engineered Here I Go Again single
Pallas produced/mixed What The Teacher Said single
Mickie Yoshino engineered/mixed SSL
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Avalon Sunset
Twelve Drummers Drumming engineered/mixed Where The Wild Buffalo Roams
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed Waiting For Bonaparte
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed The Colours single
Aslan produced/mixed This Is single
Aslan produced/mixed Please Don’t Stop single
Aslan produced/mixed Loving Me Lately single
Aslan produced/mixed Feel No Shame
View From The Hill produced/mixed In Time
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Poetic Champions Compose
Sinead O'Connor produced/engineered The Lion And The Cobra
The Bolshoi produced/engineered Sunday Morning single
The Bolshoi produced/engineered Friends
The Bolshoi produced/engineered Books On The Bonfire single
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed Shirt Of Blue single
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed Island In The Rain single
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/engineered How Green Is The Valley
The Men They Couldn't Hang produced/mixed Gold Rush single
Furniture produced/engineered The Wrong People
Ruefrex produced/engineered In The Traps single
Furniture produced/engineered She Gets Out The Scrapbook
Furniture produced/engineered Love Your Shoes single
Furniture produced/engineered Brilliant Mind single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
The Bolshoi produced/engineered A Way single
King Kurt mixed Big Cock
The Roys mixed album
Ruefrex produced/engineered The Wild Colonial Boy single
Ruefrex produced/engineered Flowers For All Occasions
Xmal Deutschland produced/engineered Sequenz single
Karl Wallinger mixed The Little Man Within single
Pallas produced/mixed The Wedge
The Waterboys co-produced/engineered This Is The Sea
The Waterboys co-produced/engineered The Whole Of The Moon single
Pallas produced The Knightmoves single
Vendetta Palace Pressure Time single
Twelve Drummers Drumming produced/mixed album
First Priority produced/mixed Pillow Talk single
Xmal Deutschland produced/engineered Tocsin
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Sense Of Wonder
Randy California co-produced/engineered Restless
Flesh For Lulu produced/engineered Roman Candle single
Waysted produced/engineered Vices
The Alarm produced/engineered Blaze Of Glory single
UFO produced/engineered Headstone (the Best Of...)
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Live At The Grand Opera House
The Alarm produced/engineered The Stand single
Colour Box produced/engineered Breakdown single
Southern Death Cult produced/engineered The Southern Death Cult
Southern Death Cult produced/engineered Fatman/Moya single
UFO produced/engineered Too Hot To Handle/Best Of UFO
UFO produced/engineered Making Contact
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Cry For Home single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Celtic Swing single
Gillan produced/engineered Magic
Gillan produced/engineered Living For The City single
The Passions produced/engineered Sanctuary
The Passions produced/engineered Jump For Joy single
Starshooter produced/engineered Pas Fatigué
Hambi And The Dance produced/engineered Heartache
Sector 27 (Tom Robinson) produced/engineered Out In The Cold single
Valerie Lagrange produced/engineered Chez Moi
Hambi And The Dance produced/engineered Living In A Heartache single
Starshooter produced/engineered Quel Bel Avenir single
The Cuban Heels produced/engineered Sweet Charity single
Hotel U.K. produced/engineered Midnight On Dream Street single
Martha Ladley produced/engineered Walk Don't Run single
The Wanderers produced/engineered Only Lovers Left Alive
The Professionals produced/engineered Join The Professionals single
The Chords produced/engineered In My Street single
Public Image co-produced/engineered album
Colin Moulding produced/engineered Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen single
Frank Zappa engineered/mixed live
The Skids produced/engineered The Absolute Game
The Skids produced/engineered Goodbye Civilian single
The Skids engineered/mixed Fanfare
The Skids produced/engineered Circus Games single
The Flys produced/engineered What Will Mother Say? single
Chas Jankel engineered/mixed Ai No Corrida single
The Records produced/engineered Hearts In Her Eyes single
The Ruts produced/engineered Staring At The Rude Boys single
Interview produced/engineered Snakes And Lovers
The Misdemeanours produced/engineered album
The Donkeys produced/engineered No Way single
The Skids produced/engineered Working For The Yankee Dollar single
Interview produced/engineered Blow Wind From Alesund single
The Starjets engineered/mixed single
The Misdemeanours produced/engineered She Doesn't Love You Anymore single
The Tours produced/engineered Tourist Information single
Interview produced/engineered To The People single
The Rumour produced/engineered I Want To Make You Very Happy single
The Ruts produced/engineered You Gotta Get Out Of It
The Ruts produced/engineered The Crack
Frank Zappa mixed Joe's Garage Pts 1 & 2
Van Morrison co-produced/engineered Into The Music
The Ruts produced/engineered Something That I Said single
The Ruts produced/engineered Babylon's Burning single
The Doll produced/engineered Burning Up Like A Fire single
Van Morrison engineered/mixed Van Morrison In Ireland - Video
Frank Zappa engineered/mixed Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar
The Records produced/engineered Rock & Roll Love Letter single
L. Shankar engineered/mixed Touch Me There
Cowboys International produced/engineered Aftermath single
Tubeway Army mixed That’s Too Bad single
Gary Numan mixed The Best Of Gary Numan
The Skids engineered/mixed Scared To Dance
The Skids engineered/mixed Wide Open single
Supercharge engineered/mixed Body Rhythm
Public Image engineered/mixed Public Image
Fingerprintz engineered/mixed Dancing With Myself single
The Doll produced/engineered Desire Me single
Penetration co-produced/engineered Moving Targets
Penetration co-produced/engineered Life’s A Gamble single
Camel co-produced/engineered Breathless
Krokus engineered/mixed Pain Killer
Ashra co-produced/engineered Correlations
The Lurkers produced/engineered I Don't Need To Tell Her single
The Lurkers produced/engineered Fulham Fallout
The Lurkers produced/engineered Ain’t Got A Clue single
The Pirates engineered/mixed Skull Wars
Van Morrison co-produced/engineered Wavelength
Magazine produced/engineered Shot By Both Sides single
The Doll produced/engineered Don't Tango On My Heart single
Bad Company engineered/mixed tracks
The British Lions engineered/mixed British Lions
Wet Willy engineered/mixed Manorisms
The Motors engineered/mixed Motors 1
Kevin Lamb engineered/mixed album
Derek & Clive engineered/mixed Come Again
Anthony Moore co-produced/engineered album
Alvin Lee engineered/mixed Saguitar
Wigwam co-produced/engineered Corporal Cauliflower's Revenge
Gryphon engineered/mixed Treason
Kevin Coyne mixed In Living Black And White
City Boy engineered/mixed City Boy
Supercharge engineered/mixed Local Lads Make Good
Mallard engineered/mixed In A Different Climate
Delroy Washington engineered/mixed Rasta
Tangerine Dream engineered/mixed Ricochet
David Bedford engineered/mixed The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Kevin Coyne engineered/mixed Matching Head And Feet
Clearlight co-produced/engineered Forever Blowing Bubbles
Tangerine Dream engineered/mixed Rubycon
Mike Oldfield mixed The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Offenbach engineered/mixed Tabarnac
Jaki Whitren engineered/mixed Raw But Tender

mick glossop in the recording studios