Interview Archive page: published 2004

Paul Borg

Interview at Sahara Sound

George Shilling talks with Paul Borg in London's newest SSL K Series studio.

We are delighted to feature Paul Borg in an exclusive video interview while working at the new SSL K Series Sahara Sound Studios in London. George Shilling asked the questions and we think that this is one of the most interesting video's on this site to date!

Watch Paul Borg talking about his work as a record producer and recording engineer while at Sahara Sound Studios

Paul Borg began his career at the infamous Roundhouse Studios, London. He soon established himself as an outstanding Engineer & Mixer working extensively within the fast growing dance and pop genre with artists such as Yazz, The Beloved, KLF and Danny D. After leaving Roundhouse Paul forged a long standing relationship with TalkinLoud Records producing the critically acclaimed debut album “Listen” by Urban Species.

Working for such diverse artists as Naughty by Nature / Shola Ama / MC Solar / Al Green and Dee Dee Bridge Water, Paul has built a reputation as a versatile and multi faceted talent within the industry. Paul’s work has taken him as far afield as Japan and France. He was also one of the designers behind Stanley House Studios in London. Paul is currently recording and mixing with Busted in London and has a forthcoming track on the 4th Sugababes single.

Paul is an excellent all round player in the music industry enjoying success from the extreme of great world music to the more poppy success of Busted and the Sugababes.

We would like to thank every one at Sahara Sound for taking so much time out and for being such a help in producing this video feature! Special thanks to George Shilling.


A Selection of other Artists worked with Include:
Marxman, Audio Deluxe, Dr Robert, Billy Idol, London Beat, Was not Was, Monie Love, Wee Pappa Girl Rappers, D-Mob, The Blue Aeroplanes, Fares, Julien Lourau, Rebel MC, Steve Williamson, Rita Mitsouko & Valerie Etienne.

Contact Paul via Z Management

The Palm House, PO Box 19734, London. SW15 2WU.
T: 020 8874 3337 F: 020 8874 3599 M: 07956 912 696
e-mail: zita or

Filmed winter 2004 with updated broadband version 2007.