Robert Carranza

Recording engineer and mixer feature

We met up with music producer Robert Carranza at Plastic Plant Studios in L.A as we are interested to find the secrets behind his great sounding records and to find out if the whole studio really runs on solar power!

Robert is an amazing 4 time Grammy winning recording engineer and mixer and he has worked with Jack Johnson, Los Lobos, Supergrass and lots more. Jack has worked with Jack Johnson since 2003 and the 'Sleep Through The Static' album has sold huge amounts of records around the World reaching number one in the charts of many countries.

Robert Carranza at Plastic Plant Studios - Jack Johnston's studio in LA

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We were very interested in Robert's unique recording techniques and mic alignment tricks so that someone playing guitar and singing at the same time sounds better than you'd expect....

>>> Short recording techniques video <<<

Special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of for filming and editing this feature!