Russell Cottier

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Based in the north of England near Liverpool Russell Cottier has worked for Clients such as Sony, Tamoki Wambesi Dove, Trojan records etc. Specialising in rock and metal (but embracing all) genres.

We are delighted to bring several video features and interviews with Russ including the new video blog series:

Russell Cottier taks with legendary producer Sylvia Massy

Russell Cottier Interviews Andrew Scheps

Russell Cottier talks with other Metal Producers about recording rock

Russell Cottier Interviews mix engineer Mike Cave at Loft Studios Liverpool

Russell Cottier Interviews Fay Hield

Russell Cottier Interviews Michael Johnson

Russell Cottier joins George Atkins at 80Hz to look at microphone placement

Russell Cottier Interviews Ken Scott at Abbey Road Studios

Russell Cottier Interviews George Atkins at 80 Hertz Studios

Russell Cottier talks with Andy Bell, Sam Sweeney and Hannah James

Russell Cottier interviews Mark Hutchinson and Blair Dunlop

Russ edited the Tomas Camino Beck video

Video Blog 1

Video Blog 2

Video Blog 3

Video Blog 4

"Generally I aim to produce modern punchy sounding records whist maintaining the real performance element."

Russell has worked on tracks from Instant Agony, secondnature, Sly and Robbie, Don Carlos and Gold, Erol Holt, Lincoln Scott, Aston Barrett and many more but music production is about more than just the recorded medium.

Want to step up your live performance? Russell is available for live engineering or coaching and has worked live with artists such as AntiProduct, Byzantine, Howie Payne, The Sums.

Cybaddiction Studios is Russell's private studio based in Wirral near Liverpool, Chester and North Wales.

With Pro Tools and Analogue recording and a friendly creative air, it is the ideal environment to get those creative juices folowing. The new Cybaddiction recording studio is now in opperation, within Fallen Industries studios Wirral. The Studio is housed in an engine test bay from the old Champion Spark Plugs Factory.


LMT - Various Artists
Ultimate Fake Records

4 stars- Record collector Magazine

Kaya Balloon in a Cactus Field
Ultimate Fake Records
Superb Production ... Rough Trade

Brenda Ray - Starlight (Japanese Vinyl Release)
Tamoki Wambesi Dove

..Breathy doo-wop manifestations, in this seriously infectious cut ... BBC Radio


Interesting Discography


Filthy Little Angels
Drtblonde •Hangmen

Future Target Records
Matthew Reekie • It's A Shame • Got Me in a Spin
Willy McGee • Undertow
Post War Wagew Slaves • Queen Jean/ Anyway

Retch Records
• Life Sucks Get a Crash Helmet
• The retch Years Vol.1

Tamoki Wambesi Dove
Brenda Ray
• Starlight – Japanese Vinyl release • Wallatta-
The Royals
• 1964-1981 Sweat
Don Carlos And Gold
• Never Run Away
Various other work for Japanese releases

Trojan Records
Assorted Work for Trojan Boxed Sets

Ultimate Fake Records
Kaya Herstad • Meat Market Special • Balloon In A Cactus Field
Mark Jones • Life's Alright
Various Artists • Liverpool Music Today