Scott Mathews

Talking outside the Cavern Club

Outside at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, Scott Mathews talks music

We first featured Scott many years back, way back, probably more than ten years back so it was great to hear that he was over in the UK and we managed to track him down to Liverpool and Russell Cottier called him and did a rather unusal phone interview!

Scott is very much involved with emerging artists and much more can be found on his website here.

Scott Mathews does his producer phone interview

For over 25 years, Scott Mathews has produced, recorded, or performed with big name musicians such as: The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, John Lee Hooker, Mick Jagger, Patti Labelle, Roy Orbison, Bonnie Raitt, Joey Ramone, Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Ringo Starr, and Barbra Streisand—just to name a few.

His awards and accolades include: Top Pick–Billboard Magazine, 5 Stars–Rolling Stone Magazine, Best Debut Album of the Year–BAM Magazine, and Critics Choice: 100 Top Bands of All Time–San Francisco Chronicle.

Scott has been internationally featured in prominent industry publications such as: Guitar Magazine, Song Writer's Market, Spin, and Time. He has sold over 12,000,000 units worldwide and continues to display amazing longevity in the music industry.

Scott Mathews is the founder of Tiki Town Studios, a high-end recording studio based in Northern California. It is there that many hopeful songwriters and musicians find their muse and inscribe themselves into a fully mastered digital recording. Get to get to know the man, the legend, and the myth maker!

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