Sean Genockey

Record producer feature at Rockfield Studios

We met up with hot producer Sean Genockey at Rockfield Studios and George Shilling was keen to find out how Sean's become such a hot music producer.

Sean has worked extensively with producers Dave Eringa (Idlewild, Ash, Manic Street Preachers) and Paul Stacey (Minuteman, Oasis, Chris Robinson). He has produced and engineered work for US mixer Tim Palmer (U2, Moke) and also worked with Bob Clearmountain (Bob Dylan, Free, Big Country) and Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Feeder).

Sean Genockey's drum recording masterclass video

Sean has spent many years in the States working in various studios in California and has been playing guitar for more than 20 years. He also has a large collection of guitars (including vintage Fender and Gibson), amplifiers (including Marshall, Fender and Matchless) and many vintage and rare effects pedals.

Sean can work happily in both analogue and digital and is Pro Tools and is SSL / Neve / API / Amek proficient - so there's no reason not to have him work with you!

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top music producer sean genockey at rockfield recording studios


Tom McRae - Album ‘King Of Cards’ (Co-Produced/Engineered / Mixed) (V2)

Reuben - Forthcoming album (Produced / Mixed) (Hideous)

The Conway Story - Forthcoming album ‘Adam & Eve’ (Produced / Mixed) (IRL)

Kubb - ‘Lady Nightmare’ and ‘Bitch’ (Produced/Mixed) (Mercury)

Kula Shaker - ‘Revenge Of The King’ EP (Produced/Mixed) (Sony Japan)

South - 'Nine Lives' from album 'With The Tides' (Produced/Co-mixed) (Sanctuary/Kinetic)

Engerica - Tracks 'Detective Show', 'Trick or Treat' & 'Now Or Never' (Sanctuary) (Produced/Mixed)

‘Wheel In Motion’, 'Hide & Seek' and album ‘Moke’ (Co-produced / Engineered / Guitars) (Artemis/Ultimatum)

Moke - Single ‘Hide And Seek’, 'My Degeneration' and album ‘Superdrag’ (Co-produced / Engineered / Guitars) (Dorado/Avex)

Smother - Album ‘Great White Hoax’ including all singles (Co-produced) (Global Warming)

The Conway Story - Single ‘Even When The Wind Blows’ (Produced/Mixed) (Kooba Cuts)

Adam Masterson - Forthcoming album (Produced) (tbc)

The Diaries - Album 'If Walls Could Talk' (Produced/Mixed) (Ratsinger Records)


Haven - EP ‘Tell Me’ and tracks from album “All For A Reason” (Engineered, Co-mixed) (Radiate/Virgin)

Kinesis - Singles “Billboard Beauty”, “Forever Reeling” & “One Way Mirror” & album “Handshakes For Bullets” (Engineered, co-mixed) (Independiente)

Manic Street Preachers - ‘Door To The River’ from ‘Forever Delayed’ (Engineered, co-mixed) and track from ‘Lipstick Traces…’ album ‘Take The Skinheads Bowling’ (Add. Prod & Mix) (Epic)

Mozez - Single 'Feel Free' (Mixed) (Apace)

Starsailor - ‘All Or Nothing’ from Warchild album (Engineered, co-mixed) (B-Unique)

Kish Mauve - Single 'Modern Love' (Co-mixed)

Thea Gilmore - Forthcoming single


Boy Kill Boy - Single ‘Suzie’ (Engineered) (Fierce Panda)

Kubb - Album 'Mother' (Engineered) (Mercury)

Mull Historical Society - Album “This Is Hope” (Engineered) (B-Unique)

South - Album “With The Tides” incl singles “Loosen Your Hold” (Engineered) (Sanctuary/Kinetic)

Manic Street Preachers - ‘Out Of Time’ from Warchild album (Engineered) (B-Unique)

Suede - ‘You Belong To Me’ from album ‘A New Morning’ (Engineered) ‘Rainy Day Girl’ (b-side) (Engineered, mixed) (Sony)

Engerica - Forthcoming album (Engineered) (Sanctuary)

Upper Room - Tracks from album “All Over This Town” (Engineered) (Sony)

Mediaeval Babes - Tracks from album “Mistletoe & Wine” (Engineered) (Nettwerk)

Smother - Single ‘Square Wheels’ (Engineered) (Yogaboy)