Steve Orchard

Recording engineer & record producer

Video feature with engineer / producer Steve Orchard at Air Studios, London.

Steve Orchard has gained massive amounts of experience working with some of the greatest artists around, from Travis to George Michael, Peter Gabriel to Dido and U2 to John Williams. Steve has a very calm and relaxed manner that helps keep him very much in demand. Just a few of the record producers that Steve Has worked with include Phil Ramone, George Martin and Nigel Godrich.

steve orchard talks about being a record producer at air recording studios london england

Few engineers of his generation are equally at home recording an orchestra and recording pop/rock acts. Steve's wide experience was gained working at PRT before moving to Air Studios, London and Monserrat! Steve received a Grammy for Bela Fleck's album 'Perpetual Motion'.

For more information about Steve visit his website.

air studios london ssl g series studio with steve orchard at the controls

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Shorter video covering Steve's drum recording techniques