Steven Slate

Two exclusive videos

Steven Slate talks with producer Mike Exeter at Metropolis Studios

Steven Slate has recorded two interviews with us. This most recent one shot in autumn / fall 2017 was recorded at Metropolis Studios - producer / engineer Mike Exeter was keen to talk with Steven about his plugins and the what motivates their development.

Steven Slate took time out at Air Studios to talk about his plugins

We managed to grab 10 minutes with Steven Slate while he was at Air Studios a while back and had a chat about how he got in to the recording industry and then progressed on to becoming a leading plug-in brand.

Steven originally intended to record his drum sample library as a way to get attention from other engineers and get a good gig learning and assisting - but his drum samples were so good that he found the engineers were using them and wanting more, not having him assist.

Steven Slate talks about Slate Digital plugins at Air Studios

In this video Steven talks in the control room of the Hall at Air Studios - famed for it's use by many major film composers for scores - Harry Potter, Bond etc etc. Special thanks to everyone at Air for helping us make this short feature and many thanks to Steven for taking so much time out of his busy schedule!

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