Sylvia Massy

Creative producer legend interview

Sylvia Massy talks to Russell Cottier at Edge Studios, Cheshire

When we set off to meet Sylvia we had only legend to go by so it was a relief to meet her and find out that she's one of the nicest people that we've met. Very creative, artistic and possibly the only producer that we can think of that sits at the back of the studio on the sofa listening to the live take while painting a portrait of the band, but as dogs. Surreal.

Special thanks to John and Mark at Edge Studios for helping make this feature possible, to Russ Cottier for giving up his time to come over and be the roving interviewer and of course, to Sylvia Massy for letting us in on a session and recording our feature in her break. Have a listen to Sylvia Massey's recording of the band God Damn.

We hope that you enjoy watching the videos and join us in concluding that Sylvia Massy is 'the real deal', one of the most creative and inspiring producers and engineers that we've ever met - and we have met a lot.