Tony Faulkner

Talks orchestral recording with George Shilling

Tony Faulkner is one of Europe's best known orchestral recording engineers and we are delighted to at long last, after many years of trying, bring an interview with Tony talking about his mic placement techniques. We met up with Tony at his house and sat down in the kitchen to chat. George Shilling fired the questions.

Tony's Green Room Productions enjoys an excellent profile for recording classical music. ‘South Pacific’ to Mahler 2, from Hildegarde von Bingen to Saint-Saëns Piano Concertos, from Górecki’s Third Symphony to Medtner solo piano music Tony has produced award winning and best selling recordings using all formats from PCM and DSD to live webcasts and audiophile analogue.

In addition to producing superb classical recordings, Tony has invested heavilly in video and can also record very high quality HD videos of the events too. Tony also does audio restoration of archive or damaged recordings for labels such as BBC Legends, EMI Classics, Hyperion and Wigmore Hall Live. He also has a comprehensive, in-house CD and DVD small-run production facility with photo-quality on-body printing.

Tony's latest mobile recording set-up is centred on a SADiE LRX system which creates stereo, surround and multi-channel audio and multimedia projects on-site for editing on a variety of project-based platforms including SADiE, Pyramix and Sony Vegas.

Special thanks to George Shilling for Tony Faulkner his questions. If you would like to browse our photo gallery of Tony Faulkner click here.

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